Bariqu Wrestling

Bariqu Wrestling was a major martial art original of the Ujik-hai nomads of the Burning Sands. It came to the Empire along the Moto family. [1] It was focused on throwing the opponent, rather than driving him out of a ring, and made heavy use of joint-locks and paralyzing holds. [2]

Origins Edit

The lack of resources and the necessity to survive as a group, made the Bariqu Wrestling a means of challenging one's leaders without open combat between competing individuals or factions. Wrestlers wore a metal-studded, sleeveless leather top, white pants, and sturdy riding boots. In previous ages, the wrestlers often went bare-chested. [1]

Style Edit

Bariqu was a recreational form of ritualized combat, after it lost its original purpose as a means of challenging a tribal leader. It was a grappling art with low, rapid attacks and grabs. The holds and throws were designed to immobilize and incapacitate an opponent without causing permanent injury. A trained combatant could easily breake bones with little effort. A practitioner of bariqu stayed low to the ground, slowly circling his opponent while looking for an opportunity to begin a grapple. The traditional style maintained a crude ring, and the first to be knocked to the ground or pushed from the ring was declared the loser. [1]

Training Edit

Training began during childhood, a common pastime among both children and adolescent, the first combat style they prepared for their gempukku. Wealthy lords or patrons sponsored Bariqu athletes, traveling around the provinces in a series of tournaments. [3]

  • A beginning student was taught the traditional means of immobilizing a foe through painful holds.
  • Intermediate students learned the essentials of forcing an opponent backward once they had grappled them.
  • Advanced artists could maneuver opponents held in a grapple with great ease, and could deal great damage with punishing joint locks.
  • An expert learned to redouble their efforts, wringing success even from the most daunting failures.
  • A mastero could, with a successful hold, immobilize an opponent with a combination of sheer strength and expert manipulation.

Known Advanced Maneuvers Edit

Known Technique Edit


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