The Barefoot Brethren was a sect of the Brotherhood of Shinsei devoted to Koshin, Fortune of Roads. [1]

Founding Edit

The sect was founded by Hiruma Idaten, a bushi who ran from Shiro Kaiu to Kyuden Hida to bring news of a victory to the Crab Clan Champion. By the time he arrived before the Champion he had worn clean through the soles of his rope sandals, leaving only a few straps dangling free. [1]

Tradition Edit

Most members of this order were peasant-born, with a few retired Hiruma. Barefoot Brethren carried a message to any point in Rokugan just for the food they ate during the journey. They served samurai and heimin alike, and they were vital to the Three Man Alliance in the pre-Scorpion Coup era. They had numerous outposts widespread enough to form a regular communications network, and Shiro Kaiu was their leadership center. Their very humility was their primary resource, and used walking and running as their meditative practices. [2]

Known Technique Edit


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