Baku no Oni

Baku no Oni

Baku no Oni, the "Eater of Dreams", [1] were the evil counterparts of the baku, beings from Yume-do. The baku no oni were technically natives of Yume-do, though they served Jigoku's interests. [2]

Dreamed Edit

Baku no Oni were dreamt up by beings native to Jigoku, and were strong enough to survive into reality after the dreamer awakes. Once they were spawned they had no other purpose than to corrupt things that were not already corrupted. Baku no Oni felt constrained in Yume-do, and attempted to cross over as often as possible, but only the strongest succeeded. [2]

Origin Edit

Baku had been believed creatures which could not be tainted, but it was proved untrue. Daigotsu with the aid of Tsuno magic created the Onisu, a blend of oni and baku, pure nigthmares. [3] The power of Jigoku was channelled thorugh the body Morito Tokei, imprisoned and tortured in the Realm of Evil by The Maw. [4]

Appearance Edit

Baku no Oni had horns and thick, unruly hair, and thick sharp claws that could cut as sharply as any katana. Their claws were also known to exhaust those they strike, even putting some to sleep. [5] They were shapeshifters which could take any animal form to accomplish a task. [1]

Abilities Edit

Baku no Oni 2

Baku no Oni

The baku sent out a weightless ghost form to feed, seeking out sleeping victims and eating their nightmares. In such a way they ate their memories, so the victim forgot many things. [1]

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