Baku were mostly harmless dream spirits, although a few had become corrupted over the years. [1]

Origin Edit

Everything that existed in a dream created a baku, every feature in every dream was a baku created by the dreamer to play that role. Normally, baku were ephemeral, nonsentient, and did not survive the dreamer awakening. While in Yume-do, the baku was the same as the entity or object it was created to mimic. The creature acted in a manner consistent with the role it played in the dream, with influences from the Realm it was dreamed from. [2]

Yume-do Edit

Once in a while a dream was uniquely powerful and was able to affect Yume-do for a long time. The baku of these dreams survived and grew stronger, drawing individuality from the dream and the surrounding Realm. These baku became a shapeshifter spirit and its natural form was that of a large dragonfly. [3] As soon as they made contact with a dreamer's essence, they collectively took on the forms of everything in that dream: the people, places, objects, and all other aspects of its world. [4] Baku rarely entered Rokugan. Some Baku had been percieved when they enter the dreams of mortals. They would normally avoid combat, preferring to approach sleeping humans and devour their nightmares. If discovered a Baku would flee. A bizarre looking creature, it had the head of a lion, the body of a horse, the feet of a tiger, and the tail of a cow. [5]

Corrupted Edit

Baku had been believed creatures which could not be tainted, but it was proved untrue. Daigotsu with the aid of Tsuno magic created the Onisu, a blend of oni and baku, pure nigthmares. [6] The power of Jigoku was channelled thorugh the body Morito Tokei, imprisoned and tortured in the Realm of Evil by The Maw. [7]

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