Born: Unknown 
Died: 1132 
Spouse: Sylmun 
Children: Onaja 
Titles: Member of the Council of Twelve

Bakira was an Ashalan who became "ensouled" and member of the Council of Twelve.

Ensouled Edit

Hojyn was one of the ensouled Ashalan, but knowing through various means he would be leaving his homeland, forfeited his soul to Bakira on the ruling Council of Twelve. [1]

Onaja Edit

Bakira had a child Onaja, the first Ashalan-child born in centuries, [2] with her husband Sylmun. [3] Unknown to her parents, she was also, the conduit that Ajbar ibn Kaleel and the Jinn of Infinite Eyes had intentionally created to give the Jinn Lord Kaleel a way back into the mortal realm. [4]

Prophecy Edit

They knew the fate of the child was bound to an ancient prophecy, the Awakening. [5] The couple became renegade and tried to flee from Medinaat al-Salaam before the sun set, but the Senpet guards kept the gates closed. [3]

Fleeing Edit

They returned to the City of the Seventh Star where they met Dawuud, a Qabal sahir who would help them. He would magically disguise Onaja and her parents. [4] They were ambushed in the sewers and the jinn Gathriq killed Dawuud, [6] while Sylmun and Bakira were defeated by Ajbar, brother of Kaleel, the prince of the dark jinn. [7] Onaja was kidnapped. [4]

Disappeared Edit

Sylmun and Bakira were found by Silver Tongue, a Dahabi. He caught them and passed to the Ghul Lords. Nobody knew more of them, because they were killed. The soul she had received and the knowledge it contained was lost forever. [8]

External Links Edit

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