Bakeneko were the cat spirit Hengoyokai, originating in Chikushudo and also Sakkaku. [1]

Demeanor Edit

They were mischievous, manipulative and playful like their ancient rivals the kenku. They were good at sneaking and could sense other spirits like Inu can. [2] The bakeneko lived in both realms, Sakkaku and Chikushudo, and their constant travel between their two homes had brought the two realms close together. [3] They rarely inhabited the Spirit Realm of their birth. Instead, the entire bakeneko population existed within Ningen-do, living among humans, and they understood the Rokugani Language. The bakeneko were very fond of playing pranks and this was their only real form of interaction with the human race. [4]

Appearance Edit

In their natural state, the bakeneko resembled household cats with glowing eyes. They might change form into anything they wish, even they could turn insubstantial. [4] In human form, the bakeneko were usually small in stature, very attractive, and athletic. [2] Highly attuned to Fire, Bakeneko could summon ghostly balls of flame when threatened, and they were also known to drink lamp oil. Mundane cats could potentially become Bakeneko under the right circumstances, but they were associated with Water, not Fire. [5]

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