The Bahiya were four artifacts scattered in the Burning Sands during the Day of Wrath. [1]

Soul vessels Edit

The bahiya were the vessels where the lost souls of the Ashalan would be contained. [2] Some of them hold the souls of powerful mortals or jinn, while others held the souls of ancient cities from before tke Day of Wrath. They were created by a combination of jinn and Ashalan magic, and as such were extremely rare. [3]

Prophecy Edit

The prophecy known as the Awakening claimed that four lost bahiyas would be gathered to allow the end of an Age and start a new one. The souls entrapped were later known as having ensouled four individuals, the Avatars, that could trigger the start of the event. The prophecy also told that a Goddess would be released and a Dark God as well. [2] Several Ashalan as Maymun began a quest to find them. [4] In the year 332 Hojyn found the Fallen Star, which after it was researched determined the Bahiya had been passed to four women of the Sands and far away. [5]

Weapons Edit

When used as weapons an ensouled Ashalan could launch solid tendrils of smoke at a target. After the smoke dissipated, it left behind a slash wound similar to that of a Scimitar. [6]

The Awakening Edit

In 1132 Hojyn gathered the four Avatars and triggered the Awakening. The Goddess Shinjo rouse from her slumber, as well as the Jinn Lord Kaleel. [7]

Known Avatars Edit

Known Bahiya Edit


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