Born: Unknown 
Parents: Ginkgo 
Siblings: Hoonoki (half)

Azusa was a ronin member of the rebuilt Legion of Two Thousand.

Family Edit

Azusa was the son of Ginkgo, the sensei of the Thousand Leaves Dojo, while his father had died fighting for the Legion. Azusa also had a younger brother, Hoonoki, whose father had also been a dead legionnaire. [1]

Appearance Edit

Azusa was a tall, thin man with pinched brows that gave him a perpetually worried look. [1]

Legion Scattered Edit

During the Four Winds struggle, the Legion was broken and their members scattered. Ginkgo continued to run the Thousand Leaves Dojo, but developed a drinking problem. [1]

Legion Rebuilds Edit

In 1168 a ronin and former Unicorn, Natsume, approached Ginkgo. He revealed to her his intention to rebuild the Legion, because the Empire and the Emperor were in need of it again. The last day of the month the graduated students formed the renewed Legion of Two Thousand. A former student, Tokaji, had left the dojo to defend a small village from bandits in Scorpion lands. The Legion marched to Doko Maru.[1]

Doko Maru Edit

Ginkgo, ten graduated students and her children met Tokaji. Tamago and Utagawa also joined the small force, as they had been tracking down the bandit leader, Kokei all the way from Dragon lands. They prepared an ambush to lure the bandits into it, and Azusa planted an false story in a nearby village that Doko Maru's taxes would be paid in cash. The bandits appeared and fought with unexpected ferocity, choosing death instead of being routed. The bandit leader escaped in the struggle, but Ginkgo had died during the fighting. Natsume placed her brother as sensei of the dojo to train the new members of the Legion. [1]

Funding the Legion Edit

Azusa worked to get more funds and acknowledgement from the Imperial Magistrate office. [1]


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