Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown

Aziz was a robber of Medinaat al-Salaam. He considered himself an explorer. [1]

Eye lost Edit

During a foray into one of the ruins outside the City, Aziz was caught unaware by a spring-loaded dart contraption, and lost an eye. Hisham the healer managed to save his life, and put a glass replacement for his lost eye. [1] Hisham told Aziz would see forever. [2]

Sewer Expedition Edit

Aziz's Death

Aziz's Death

Aziz was sure the stories of an ancient race of philosophers that lived by an Underground Lake were true, and was determined to find them. [1] He convinced Adnan to enter in the sewers to seek lost treasures. [3] Beyond the ghul caves there laid a series of rough-hewn tunnels that followed the river's bleed to their city. Only an hour into their descent, they were beset by ghuls. Aziz lost track of Adnan while running for their lives. [1] Aziz was devoured by the ghuls. [4]

Beheaded and floating Edit

Aziz died... but his head lived on. As he watched the creatures consuming his body, he was confused by their inattention to his head. Aziz was to the fact that he could still see and hear, even speak. The head had been flung into the rushing underground river. After he tumbled over a waterfall he saw the secret Ashalan city, the City of the Seventh Star. [1]

Resting in peace Edit

Glass Eye of Qaliq

Glass Eye of Qaliq

The head was floating in the river until it attracted the attention of a cat. His owner, the jinn Nim talked with Aziz, who told the glass eye could be the cause his head was still living. Nim retrieved the Glass Eye of Qaliq when Aziz asked to end with his disgrace. The inert head splashed into the river and gone. [1]


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