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Ayako was a merchant who came to Ryoko Owari and created a criminal organization based on a false Ninja. She was killed by the true ninja who she had importunated with her setup.

Crime cartel Edit

In 1115 she arrived to Ryoko Owari. There Ayako saw the firemen taking a percentage off the top of businesses, both legitimate and illegal, in return for protection. To get her into this business in a safe way Ayako would cover up her citywide crime network behind the veil of fear, fear which would come from a non-existent ninja, the Ryoko Ninja. [1]

Dealing with opponents Edit

Ayako easily took care of the highly predictable and honorable city Emerald Magistrate, Matsu Shigeko. Ayako was becoming deeply disturbed with her succesor Ashidaka Naritoki, who was a different type of opponent, and the kajinin began to realize the truth when several "ninja" were easily killed by them. Naritoki made a surprising offer, he would lay off the ninja, and even strenghten their reputation. In return Ayako had to be more subtle, and she had to cooperate to arrange arrests between her opponents, and the firemen were duped. [2]

Death Edit

The only opponent she took no care of cost her life. The true ninja arranged for Ayako to be assassinated and replaced by a more cunning leader, a ninja puppet. [2] Yusrah, a tiny crippled woman Ayako had recruited and cleaned from her opium addiction was her murderer. [3]


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