Shosuro Tage 3

Tage, the Fourth Avatar

The Avatar of the Goddess were the beings whose blood was the key to fullfill the prophecy known as the Awakening. [1]

Unknown Individuals Edit

The identity of the Avatars were not known, neither by themselves. The power of a Goddess filled their souls, and this power attracted the lust of dark individuals. [citation needed] Others, as the Jackal, sought their destruction, so the prophecy could not be completed. The hidden powers of the Avatars would be released after discovering the identity of the fourth. [1]

Powers Edit

Said to possess unlimited power and the key to awakening a fallen god, the Avatars represent the renegades' best hope to win their war with the heartless mages of the Immortal Caliph and free the City of One Thousand Stories from the shackles of her tyranny. But something was brewing within them for which they could not have prepared: the fruition of a centuries-old bargain that would transform their lives - and their very flesh - forever. [1]

The Selqet Edit

In 1130 Bayushi Kachiko was believed to be an incarnation of Selqet and one of the avatars. [2] It later was proved wrong.

The Qabal Edit

A child, daughter of a trader, Amru, was identified as another avatar. [3]

The Moto Edit

The Ashalan wife of the Moto Khan, Kara, was another of the avatars. [4]

The Ebonite Edit

Zahra, one of the Ebonites Janan Twins, was discovered as one of the avatars. After a ferocious battle with her twin sister Kamilah, Zahra struggled through the sewers to the City of the Seventh Star to fulfil her part in the prophecy. [5]

The real Selqet, Tage the Scorpion Edit

Eventually Shosuro Tage was identified as the Fourth Avatar. [6]

Awakening Edit

In 1132, the Ashalan Hojyn gathered the four avatars, and they were called upon at the Awakening to release Shinjo from her imprisonment with the power of the Fallen Star. [6] The release of the ancient soul from their bodies killed the Avatars. [7]


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