The Avatar of Ten Thousand were part of an elite clergy unit of the Senpet army. They were not commanded by the Senpet generals, they followed the orders of the Ten Thousand Gods. They were blessed with divine strength and luck, and the Senpet warriors who fought beside them were encouraged, because they were the evidence the Gods were with the Senpet. [1] They favored the Adaga, a Senpet shield, as an effective parrying weapon. [2]

History Edit

Book of the Dead Edit

In 510 the Pharaoh sent the Avatars to the City of the Dead, to investigate a crisis there. They found hundreds of dead thieves, but the sacred Book of the Dead had disappeared. [3]

Yodotai Invasion Edit

After the defeat of the Yodotai Invasion of Senpet lands half of the Avatar joined the resistance led by Kesseth and the rest made a suicidal charge against the Yodotai army. [1]

Known Techniques Edit


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