Autumn Leaf Temple was a small sect of the Brotherhood of Shinsei which was mainly formed by former courtiers. [1]

Location Edit

The sect's home was an opulent monastery in the far north of Crane lands, just outside the village of Tsuma, within easy distance of Kyuden Otomo, Kyuden Seppun, and the Imperial Capital Toshi Ranbo. [2]

Tradition Edit

The sect allied with but separate from the Four Temples, was formed by courtiers who were seeking a degree of distance from politics but were not yet prepared to leave the courts behind entirely. They influenced political matters through their kin and the lords they advised. They were devoted to Hotei, Fortune of Contentment, and its wealth was substantial. [2]

Foundation Edit

The sect was founded by the nun Awa, which was a retired samurai-ko and courtier named Doji Tanie. She spent her retirement time as advisor to her daughter Doji Taniyo, who had taken up her duties at the Imperial Court. [2]


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