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Atsumaru family

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Atsumaru family
Patron family: Agasha family
Clan: Phoenix Clan
Founded: Unknown
Daimyo: Unknown

The Atsumaru family was small even by standards of vassal families. Their line began centuries ago with early members of the Agasha family who studied kagaku. The brilliant but reclusive Agasha Nakune was one of the first Dragon to experiment with the strange blend of magic and science that would one day produce the crafts of mizugusuri and kagaku. It was not a perfect practice, and Nakune's failures meant that he was eternally searching for the proper combination of components for his strange concoctions.

Founding of the Atsumaru Edit

During one of his many sojourns into the wilderness to find the ingredients he required, Nakune encountered a ronin named Kadokawa who lived in the forest. A bear tried to attack Nakune, and Kadokawa saved his life by decapitating the bear. The two become friends instantaneously.

Years later, Kadokawa helped Nakune gather the materials he need for his crafts, and because of this, Nakune was able to master several new forms of magic and the ronin's aid gave the shugenja more time to conduct his research. When the daimyo died, Nakune became an instant leader and as a result of this momentous event, he granted Kadokawa and his children the vassal family name Atsumaru.

Lands Edit

After the Agasha defection they gave up the woodlands that had been their home for centuries, and created a new one their own, Atsumaru Mori, a growing orchard outside the village of Atsumaru Mura.

Membership of the Atsumaru Edit

The Atsumaru family was very close knit, never numbering more than about a dozen The name was limited to the ruling descendant of Kadokawa, his or her spouse and their children. Whenever leadership was passed to a new daimyo, that daimyo's siblings had the option of swearing fealty, but they were never entitled to pass their name on to their children.

Atsumaru Daimyo Edit

Atsumaru Kadokawa  ? - ?

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Major References Edit

  • Secrets of the Phoenix, p. 25.

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