Atari's Go
Created by: Un-named Soshi Shugenja
First used by: Shosuro Atari
Currently in the possession of: Unkown

Atari's Go table was made by a Soshi Shugenja at the orders of Shosuro Atari, with the pieces of one broken Meiwaku Fan. [1]

Creation Edit

An Ide Diplomat revealed a plot of an Atari's ancestor, who suffered a great loss of face, ending with the fan destroyed. Atari had sought to redeem the fan's loss. The broken wood of the fan edged the board, and the fan's silken cloth lined the bowls holding each player's stones. The shugenja reproduced the powers of the original nemuranai, albeit in a reduced fashion. [1]

Abilities Edit

Any who willingly accepted an invitation to a game of Go at the board reduced his ability to discern deceit, misdirection, or similar tactics. Shosuro Atari used to lose games, learning simple information, minor blackmail, or an understanding of an opponent's deepest desire or darkest secret. [2]


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