Tonnage: Unknown
Length: Unknown
Draft: Unknown
Crew: 100+

Atakebune was a ship designed in the Ivory Kingdoms by Mantis that were left at Aramasu's Vigilance after the Mantis-Ivory Kingdoms War ended. The Mantis decided they were not bound by the Imperial Edict on ship design while they were outside the Empire, so they incorporated gaijin design elements and made these massive warships. [1]

Appearance Edit

It was the only Rokugani vessel to incorporate a keel and full ribbing, making the hull far more hardy and resilient, capable of long voyages and withstanding strong blows. The average atakebune had four segmented sails and at least one lateen sail to aid in capturing the wind. [1] The vessel were enormous, and resembled the Koutetsukan at first glance. The hull was plated with iron, and the beams were metal reinforced. Miniature ballista were built on the deck as the primary weapon against other ships. They would become the largest and most dangerous vessels on the sea. The Fourth Storm was composed of them. [2] They were more adept at sailing in coastal waters but they could handle voyages into the deep with minimal effort. [3]

Variations Edit

The merchant vessels were made based on the designs of the atakebune. They were large and cumbersome, without any of the grace or battle-worthiness. [4]

Last Atakebune Edit

In 1200 the Rokugani began a massive evacuation to the Colonies, to secure their traditions from the invasion of the hordes of Jigoku. Decades later, the last Atakebune was rotted, stripped of iron and sails, dwarfed on the largest tower of a Yoritomo settlement in an island of the Empire In Exile. [5]


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