Astrology waws a Rokugani science which identified stars and constellations. Shugenja among them could sometimes read them to glean a hint of things to come, "telling the future". The accuracy of simple divinations depended upon the level of belief the diviner had in the veracity of the stars. [1]

Knowledge Edit

Heavenly Bodies Edit

Astrologers knew that besides the many stars that dotted the sky, the Sun and the Moon, there were seven major heavenly bodies which moved across the sky. These moving bodies were supposedly symbolic of the Fortunes. [2]

Symbolism Edit

The sky was divided in twelve "houses", determined by the position of the moon at that time of year, and were named after the Rokugani months. Each year was attached to a specific house according to a twelve-year cycle, and to a particular Element (Water, Air, Fire, Void, and Earth, in that order), being each element associated with two consecutive years. [2]

Example: 1128 was the first of the two Earth years, and began the cycle, so its house was the Hare. 1129 would be Earth Dragon.

Each cycle of twelve years was delineated by an element.

The year 1128 began the cycle of Water. [3]

Personal House Edit

The personal house was a combination of two elements, the house occupied by the moon when the person was born and the year in which they were born. These elements combine to tell a great deal about the individual's personality and destiny. [2]

Astrological Positions Edit

The following were the terms most frequently used to describe an object's current position and movement in the sky. [2]

  • Conjunction - When two bodies occupy the same house in the sky. Bodies in conjunction represent a concentration of the energies they represent.
  • Sextile - Two bodies form a sixty degree angle (there is exactly one house between them). This foretells opportunity offered by whatever the bodies represent.
  • Square - When the position of two bodies forms a right angle in the sky (there are exactly two houses between them). Such an aspect indicates a challenge ahead.
  • Trine - Two bodies form a one hundred and twenty degree angle (there are exactly three houses between them). This represents the protection of the respective bodies.
  • Inconjunct - Two bodies form a one hundred and fifty degree angle (there are exactly four houses between them). This represents open conflict between the two bodies, and bodes ill.
  • Opposition - When two bodies occupy opposite houses in the sky. Bodies in opposition indicates radical change, either through rapid growth or sudden catastrophe.

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