Assassin Slayer

An Assassin Slayer

Assassin Slayers were the most common class in the Order of the Mountain, as Slayers were the ones who carried out the Assassins' bloody business. [1]

Training Edit

Each Slayer was trained from a young age to view all confrontations as single combat, be it a conversation, a formalized duel, or an assassination attempt. The Slayers' training also taught them how to focus exclusively on a single opponent, reading their every movement and determining their weaknesses. As a result, they exceled when faced with a single foe, but could be defeated by a calculated assault that outnumbered them. [1]

Slayers exceled at ambushing an opponent to ensure that they faced only their prey, and learned to wait to strike only when they could be the most lethal. Rather than simply learning how to skulk and leap out at their foe, they learned how to disguise themselves properly, how to blend in during social situations, and how to use every weapon at their disposal to defeat their opponent – even if that weapon was a carefully chosen word or a misinterpreted smile. [1]

Known Techniques Edit

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