The Assassin Factions officially appeared after the death of Hassan al-Alamut, the first Old Man of the Mountain, but they were a reality in the Order of the Assassins even before.

Qadi and Guards of the Caliphate Edit

After Adira, the adopted daughter of the Old Man, became the Caliph, the majority of the Order followed her. They joined the ranks of the Qadi. [1] The base of the Caliphate Assassins was a hidden oasis near Medinaat al-Salaam, were they were trained far from the citizen's eyes. [2]

Traditionalists Edit

Chandra and her sister Shala did not follow Adira, her adopted sister. When she became the Caliph they confronted each other for the leadership of the true Children of the Mountain. When Chandra appeared dead, her other sisters Jamilah and Faida backed Shala as leader. The True Children of the Mountain were organized in independent cells. Shala or Faida trained and recruited new members to refill the void of the lost ones. The True Children attacked Adira, her Qadi, and the foreigner armies garrisoned in the Jewel. [3]

Blood Red Tiger sect Edit

The Qadaam were the assassin members of the Blood Red Tiger sect of the Qolat, followers of Haroun. [1]


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