Asp Warriors

Asp Warriors

The Asp Bloodline comprised the rank and file of the Naga forces.

Duty Edit

The Asp served as warleaders, defenders, and warriors of their people. Their eternal vigilance, caused them to be among the first to awaken when the danger of the Foul to rise. [1] They were bruiser tacticians and warlords of the race. [2]

Ecology Edit

They were the second most numerous of the Naga Bloodlines, outnumbered only by the Greensnake Bloodline and the most combat focused of the Naga Bloodlines, invariably holding the position of the Shahadet. [3] They showed thinly veiled contempt toward those whom they felt were weaker than they were, such as most humans.

Appearance Edit

Ranging from 15' to 20' in length and weighing between 600 to 800 pounds, the Asps, along with the Cobra Bloodline, were noticeably larger than the smaller Greensnake and Chameleon Bloodlines, but were still dwarfed in turn by the massive Constrictor Bloodline. [4]

Demeanor Edit

The Asp were prone to hubris and arrogance, far more so than other Naga. [5] Many of the Asps advocated war against the humans when they first awoke from their long slumber. A prominent warrior called the Balash was particularly vehement, and went so far as to attack several bands of humans near the Naga lands. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and the Naga eventually allied with the humans against the Shadowlands, giving the Asps a foe whom to direct their anger. [6]

History Edit

The First Naga War Edit

The expansionistic Asp used their poisons to destroy the lesser bloodlines during the Bloodland Wars. The Greensnakes were enslaved, while the Chameleons escaped to the sea. Before they could conquer the Cobras and Constrictor Bloodlines the Asp leader, the Shahismael was killed by his lieutenant, the Shahadet. [7]

Naga Kingdom Edit

During the Naga Kingdom the Asp established a firm caste system and using Greensnake ingenuity and scientific knowledge to developed iron tools and weapons. Siksa was his ancestral city. [8]

Slumber Edit

In the first Great Sleep twelve Asp accepted the Curse of Eternal Vigilance of the Naga cities. If the cities were in danger, they would awaken and defend their sleeping comrades who lay deep beneath the earth. Those who awakened before the time came, were unable to sleep again and died of age and lonely sorrow. When the cities were awakened, only four of these warriors had survived. [9]

Awakened Edit

In 1160 several Asp warriors were awakened by Ghedai of their slumber. They protected the naga cities of the Shinomen Mori, [10] and honored the nezumi as guardians of the Temple to Te'tik'kir [11] after almost the entire nezumi race died in the Battle of Tomorrow. [12]

Dark Naga Edit

Asp Skirmisher

Asp Skirmisher

During the War of Serpents members of the Asp joined the ranks of the Dark Naga, and attacked the Rokugani. [13]

Known Asp Leaders Edit

Shahismael Pre-calendar
Shahadet Pre-calendar - 1132

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