RPG Information Edit



Ashura, Dark Angels of Jigoku

Statistics Edit

Attack 10k5 (katana)
7k7 (Wings)
Damage 9k3 + poison (katana)
5k4 + poison (Wings)
Inititative 10k7
TN to be Hit 40
Reduction 10 (5 aginst crystal or obsidian)
Wounds 40: +5
80: +10
120: +15
160: Dead
Taint Rank 9
Air 4 Earth 5 Fire 4 Water 4
Reflexes 7 Stamina 5 Agility 5 Strength 5
Awareness 4 Willpower 5 Intelligence 4 Perception 4

Skills and Special abilities Edit

  • Battle 4
  • Hunting 5
  • Kenjutsu 5
  • Fear 3.
  • Deathwrack: When an ashura dies, it explodes with the flames of Jigoku itself.
  • Greater Invulnerability: Ashura are completely immune to fire.
  • Linked Weapon: An ashura's obsidian katana is linked to it by dark magic, and if the blade ever leaves his hand it will explode.
  • Poison: An ashura's obsidian katana and its razorsharp wings are both coated with a paralyzing poison.
  • Regeneration: An ashura heals its own wounds.
  • Scream: An ashura can utter a piercing scream, creating a Fear 6 effect.
  • Spirit Sight: An ashura can see in perfect darkness and can see invisible creatures.
  • Flight.
  • Wing Attack: The ashura uses its wings to strike a target enemy.

Major References Edit

  • Imperial Histories, Pages 306-307.

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