The Ashura were creatures of nightmare, and were called The Chosen. They were feared even by the most powerful of the Shadowlands. [1]

Creation Edit

In an alternate reality, the ashura were summoned from Jigoku by Fu Leng. Daigotsu managed to summon ashura from this alternate reality, but these creatures lived only for a week outside of the Realm of Dreams. [2]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Ashura 2


These great warriors resembled handsome deathly pale samurai with beautiful moth wings marked with death's head patterns. They wore samurai ebony armor, katana, and with his yumi fired obsidian arrows. [2] [1] When they died, they exploded, dealing great damage. Their blood could also be used as an explosive weapon; a bottle of it would explode when broken. The ashura could fly, but they did not use their wings; the earth itself repeled them. [2]

History Edit

Assault to the Heavens Edit

In 1159 Fu Leng created the ashura to made havoc in the assault to the Heavens. They destroyed the Celestial Gates. [3]

Shinsei's Last Hope Edit

In 1160 two ashura were summoned by the undead general Tsukuro, who had been granted by Fu Leng with the power of calling them. The ashura attacked Shinsei's Last Hope from the sky and exploded to create a breach in the magical jade wall of the city. [1]

Time of Demons Edit

In 1166 the demons of Jigoku confronted Daigotsu's leadership of the Shadowlands. In the Time of Demons the Ashura gathered under Daigotsu, believing the demons would make them their cattle. [4]

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