The Ashlim was a naga jakla most noted for developing a spell that removed Taint from humans at the cost of shortening their life span. [1] He sacrificed himself during one casting of the spell in order to cleanse the entire Brotherhood of Shinsei. He also explained the importance of pearls and pearl magic to humans and identified the pearl staff for the Phoenix Clan.[citation needed]

The Foul Edit

The Ashlim investigated any Naga who was suspected to be affected by the Foul. [2]

Sleeping Mountain Edit

Ashlim was part of the naga army in the Siege of Sleeping Mountain. [3]

Death of Shashakar Edit

Ashlim mourned the death of Shashakar who sacrified himself to return Hida Yakamo to life. [4]

The Unbroken Edit

Ashlim was directly responsible for the creation of the Unbroken, a group of tainted ronin fighting for their cure. Ashlim discovered the band of ronin in the Shinomen Mori after awakening. Ashlim saw how the tainted ronin worked for each other as a single mind and was reminded of the Akasha. Ashlim was so moved by their unity he could not let them be killed. He entered a deal with the ronin, if they would help him study the taint, he would cure them of their corruption. [1]

At first many of Ashlim's experiments did not work on all the ronin and some had to be killed, but then Ashlim created a variant of the Naga immunization process against the Taint. The spell slowed the taint but greatly shortened the human’s life span to a single year. Ashlim refined the spell more, and the cure the ronin were hoping for became a reality. By personalizing the battle of the taint and destroying the minions of the Shadowlands the ronin could be completely cured of the taint. Ashlim worked closely with the group but only took a few ronin at a time, so everyone had a chance at purification. [1]

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