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Ashiryo Hijiko was a bushi and magistrate samurai-ko of the Lion Clan.

Yoriki Edit

Hijiko was a yoriki of the Lion governor of the Hamana province, Ashiryo Ataka during the Clan War. After three years in her post an unknown ronin was brought to Ataka's presence to explain a sake house brawl, where the wave man had bested the local magistrate, Ujikeme. Hijiko was not fond of Ujikeme, a drunker and gambler, so she told the truth: the ronin had defeated her fellow with his bare hands. Ataka promoted her as his karo and chief Magistrate on the spot. Ataka offered the ronin to fill the gap as yoriki, and the Lion governor did not hesitated when he told his true identity, as Ginawa, wielder of the wicked Bloodsword Revenge. [1]

Karo Edit

Ginawa was assigned to Hijiko, and they moved to report the outcome of a skirmish between the Lion and the Crane. They met a group of four Scorpion magistrates led by the shugenja Umabeko. Both groups rode together to see the fight. [2]

Crane-Lion battle Edit

The Lion army had the advantage of the numbers, but the Crane general lured his opponent into a duel when he cast doubt of his honor. The duelist easily defeated the Lion general, leaving the Lion army without guidance and facing certain defeat. Suddenly an arrow struck the Crane general, fired too closely to have come from the Lion's side. Ginawa rushed and killed Umabeko, the source of the arrow that had taken the Crane's life.[3]

Isawa TadakaEdit

The bloodsword set Ginawa in a frenzy state. Isawa Tadaka, a shugenja magistrate of the Phoenix Clan, met the couple and used his prayings to purify the ronin's madness, allowing Ginawa to recover his center. [4]

Ataka's death Edit

Hijiko, Tadaka, and Ginawa returned to Ataka's state and reported the governor the outcome and events during the battle. Before Ataka could give any command he was killed by a shuriken, thrown by a hidden ninja. Tadaka and Hijiko did not react quickly, being under a spell cast by the Ninja, which slowed their will. More shurikens followed, Hijiko being wounded in her arm. Ginawa took Revenge, found the hidden assassin above them, and threw the bloodsword to kill the assailant. [5]


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