Ashio (S17)

Ashio (S17) was a small but productive farming village, located at the foothills of the Spine of the World Mountains on the River of Gold's east bank, straddling the provinces of both Kinbou and An'ei, though taxes were paid entirely to An'ei province. [1]

History Edit

Peasant Revolt Edit

The village was the sight of a peasant revolt [2] in 1158 under the rule of Soshi Tanaka, when a newly discovered jade mine poisoned the local crops and waterways. [1] It had since been repopulated with properly loyal subjects and receives outside foodstuffs to ensure continued mining. [2]

Destroyer War Edit

After several weeks of combat, Ashio fell during the Destroyer War. Among its defenders were Agasha Chieh, Moto Jeng-Yun, [3] Yasuki Otsuka, and the kolat Tsuruchi Etsui. [4] Eventually it was abandoned, as an unsupportable position. The local terrain created a terrible bottleneck. [5]

Doji Yasuyo encountered Takasho, the Onyx Champion, there, although the Crane didn't learn the name of the village. Takasho demonstrated her that he had found a way to defeat the Destroyers. But by doing so, his foul maho would taint the earth. Yasuyo didn't show any appreciation and the two parted as enemies. The village Ashio was destroyed on that day. [6]


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