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Ashigaru Armor

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Ashigaru Armor

Ashigaru Armor

Ashigaru Armor was light, flexible and cheap to make. It was issued to peasant soldiers, or ashigaru, in samurai armies. [1] It was the most common form of armor in Rokugan. [2]

Some samurai would consider wear ashigaru armor if a mission required them to travel light and fast, such as scouting, and Ronin were also noted for commonly using ashigaru armor because of it's availability and low cost. [2] [3]

Appearance Edit

Typical Ashigaru armor would consist of metal plates laced or sewn onto cloth that covered the torso, arms, legs. [1] and the conical helmet known as a jingasa. [4] Sometimes bamboo was also used. [citation needed]

Ashigaru armor was usually worn by spearmen in samurai armies. [citation needed]

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