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CCG Information Edit

Since their first release, ashigaru cards have mostly been followers and traditionally allow their owners to draw an extra card during the End Phase after entering play. Such cards typically have low force, are low-costed and are usually played only when a follower-themed deck requires cheap and efficient followers, much like their real-life Japanese counterparts. The only two Ashigaru followers that do not draw extra cards are Ashigaru (Jade Edition) and Lost Ashigaru (Gold Edition).

RPG Information Edit



Ashigaru, Skilled Peasant Soldier

Statistics Edit

Air 1 Earth 2 Fire 1 Water 2 Void 1
Reflexes 2 Stamina 2 Agility 2 Strength 3
Awareness 1 Willpower 2 Intelligence 1 Perception 2
Honor 1.0
Glory 0.7

Important Statistics Edit

Attack 4k2 (Yari)
Damage 6k2 (Yari)
TN to be Hit 12 (Ashigaru armor)

Major References Edit

  • Way of the Wolf, page 119.

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