Ashidaka family
Patron family: Kakita family
Clan: Crane Clan
Founded: 6th century
Daimyo: Unknown

The Ashidaka family was a vassal family of the Kakita. [1] The Ashidaka focused their entire being on the attainment of excellence in whatever they did. [2]

Origin Edit

Their entire history could be traced back to the Empire's beginnings and the famed weaponsmith, Doji Yasurugi. After nearly five centuries, Kakita Ashidaka came upon a way to fashion the first Kakita Blade. The Crane Clan Champion granted Ashidaka status as a vassal lord, and lands located near the Seikitsu Mountains, being Shiro Ashidaka their ancestral palace. [2]

Duty Edit

The Ashidaka were charged with teaching their techniques to others. Crane of other families journeyed to Ashidaka Dojo to study the famed techniques that would enable them to craft their blades. [2]

Alternate Paths Edit

There were a few Ashidaka who chose not to take up the craft of swordsmithing. These samurai were charged with caring for the family's political status. Most were sent to the Doji and trained as either magistrates or courtiers. Others trained as artisans of other crafts. [2]

Ashidaka Daimyo Edit

Kakita Ashidaka 6th century

Notable Ashidaka Members Edit

See also Edit


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