Ashi no Oni

Ashi no Oni

Ashi no Oni were oni commonly found in the deserts and canyons of the Shadowlands, lurking in caves or hidden under the shifting sands. Their bodies were grub-like, armored with a tough and leathery skin. They had multiple tentacles adorned with spikes sprouting everywhere on their sides. The darts at the end of their arms containted a dangerous poison and could be thrown by the beast at approximately a 15 feet distance. Only fully armored samurai could hope to deflect those darts. This type of oni was vulnerable to magic and its tentacles could be easily cut. [1] Ashi no Oni were highly intelligent and often used every available means to put their prey in a disadvantageous position. They were solitary and territorial creatures. Over time, the oni's coloring changed to match its home, each of them adapted to its unique environment. [2]

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