Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Qatol

The Ashgara was the daughter of the Qatol.

Story of Ashgara Edit

The Ashgara was the first Naga who got legs, and her tale, Story of Ashgara, was told by Doji Shizue. [1] When the Naga saw what happened to her she was considered an abomination, and they even suggested to throw her into the far southern swamps, which was refused by the Qatol. The Ashgara saw herself as a twisted freak. [2]

Rescuing the Bright Eye Edit

The Foul had captured the Bright Eye and had been thrown into the darkness of the Underworld. The denizens of the Shadowlands spread out from the south, bringing death and disease with them. The Ashgara moved to the South, to the Well of Souls, to free the Bright Eye or to die as a Naga. Inside a cave in the Shadowlands was the well, but an oni appeared risking her quest. The Ashgara managed to distract the oni with a mirror, while the Bright Eye found the exit following the glow at the mouth of the cave. [3]

First Burning of the Land Edit

And as the Bright Eye rejoined with the Atman, it seared the darkness out of the lands, burning them to black pitch. As the Foul fled the land and gathered to the south, a great wail went up from the far lands, a curse upon the Naga. That was the First Burning of the Land. [4]

Atman's gift Edit

As a gift to remember the brave Ashgara, the Atman gave all Naga women the ability to change their tails for legs. So, to this day, the women of the Naga changed from tail to legs as easily as they shed their skins. [4]


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