The Ashalan tattoos were a trademark of the Ashalan race.

Original tattoos Edit

The Ashalan used the tattoos to express themselves, as a maturity ritual. They simbolyzed who bore them had experience enough to join the leading group. [1]

Magical Edit

In the Day of Wrath the tattoos drew part of the magic unleashed this day, but it had a drawback. Their wielders suffered under the wrath of Shilah, the Sun. They became powerful sahir but they should cover them from the sun light or risk death. The energy which had been imbued inside the tattos drifted toward the sun, and the process stole the vital life of the Ashalan. [1]

The tattoos shifted and took the form which better suit with the Ashalan. A warrior had tattoos which resembled him as a feared beast as a lion. The newborn Ashalan bore the magical tattos since their birth, and after generations their lineage could be traced seeing them. [1]

Total Domination Edit

Rashol using crysteel needles developed a tattooing technique which trhalled the will of those who were tattooed to the Ashalan artisan. The victims did not decay, but they did not have any magical power. The Council of Twelve eventually forbade this practice and hunted those who performed the [2] Tattoo of Domination. [3]

Adopted Ashalan Edit

Several individuals were tattooed with a modified technique whithout the mind control. They became true Ashalan after ten years of exposition near the Ishanti Crystal. [4]


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