RPG Information, Ashalan Edit

Ashalan 3

An Ashalan in Rokugan

Ashalan, Scorpion Allies

Statistics Edit

Air 4 Earth 4 Fire 5 Water 3 Void 4
Reflexes 4 Stamina 4 Agility 5 Strength 3
Awareness 4 Willpower 4 Intelligence 5 Perception 6
TN to be Hit 30

Special Abilities Edit

Immunity, Light Sensitivity, Shadow Cloak, Tattoo of Domination, Indomitable Will, Void.

Spells Edit

Ashalan do not use conventional Rokugani magic, but can invoke effects identical to the spells By the Light of Lord Moon and Cloak of Night.

Noteworthy Skills Edit

Athletics 3
Craft: Tattooing 8
Defense 4
Spell Research 8
Weapon Skills (varies) 4-6

Major References Edit

  • Secrets of the Scorpion, page 90

RPG Information, Ashalan Trader Edit

Ashalan Trader

Statistics Edit

Air 4 Earth 2 Fire 4 Water 2 Void 3
Reflexes 4 Stamina 2 Agility 4 Strength 2
Awareness 4 Willpower 4 Intelligence 4 Perception 4

Important Statistics Edit

School/Rank Ashalan / 2
Honor 0.0
Glory 0.0

Advantages Edit

Disadvantages Edit

Skills Edit

Appraisal 4
Commerce 4
Hunting 4
Khadja 5
Lore: Burning Sands 5
Seduction 3

Special Abilities Edit

Immunity, Indomitable Will

Spells Edit

Call Upon the Breeze, Fires From the Forge, Mists of Illusion, Reflections of Pan Ku

Note: spells in italics are innate abilities.

Major References Edit

  • Secrets of the Unicorn, page 91

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