Ashalan-Naga War
Location: Rokugan,
Burning Sands
Date: Pre-calendar 300 years before the Great Sleep [1]
Major Forces: Naga,
Generals: Qamar,
Council of Twelve
Battles of Rokugan

The Ashalan-Naga War was an ancient bloody feud between the Ashalan and the Naga races. [2]

Outcasts Incursion Edit

300 years before the Great Sleep a large force of Outcasts forcibly entered the Cobra city of Vyakarana, stole a number of sacred pearls, killing many jakla in the process. A force of Asps pursued the traitors across the Burning Sands and destroyed them. Eventually the Asps run afoul of the Ashalan, who came to believe that the Naga held the key to overcoming the problems that plague them, waging terrible war on one another. While the ashalan were vastly more powerful, the naga possessed far greater numbers. In time, the ashalan discovered that the naga did not possess the knowledge that they required, and returned to their home beneath the sands. [1]

Curse Edit

The war was so destructive that the Bright Eye was forced to end it and placed a curse upon both races. The Naga could not leave their territory and the Ashalan could not enter the Naga's. The curse would twist any member of the race who broke the curse, turning them into abominations to their respective race. This conflict stood for centuries, as the races were very long lived and knew how to hold a grudge. [3]

Other said the Ashalan became threatened by the Naga. Their numbers and their abilities to reshape themselves to suit any environment was seen as an unnaceptable menace. They levied a curse upon them which crippled all who were shaped by this power. The Naar Teban were rendered mindless beasts, as were the creatures who ventured too far into the Ivory Kingdoms. The Naga who ventured into the sea forgot themselves and became the ningyo. Only those Naga who remained within the borders of the territory which would be known as the Emerald Empire were spared, but even then the curse of mutation visited them. [4]


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