The Aseth was a Naga Abomination who purged himself of the memories of his past lives, beginning a life of his own, free of their taint. He was the only one abomination that had been accepted within the Naga since the Awakening. Aseth was found worthy by the Naga Vedic and stood on the battlefield beside the Qamar. [1]

Youth Edit

Aseth was born without a tail, bore two legs, and had the head of a great serpent, a mockery of the Naga. He was cast out of the Naga and forced to survive on his own for the first fifteen years of his life. [2]

Return Edit

After these years the Naga Vedic proclaimed Aseth was welcomed among the Naga. Despite it Aseth felt that he must prove himself to his people, and sought to follow the same path that an ancient abomination, welcomed as a hero by his people. He was convinced that this soul existed within him and attempted to awaken it, so he could shape in the true Naga form. [2]

Mighty opponent Edit

The Cobra gave him a talisman, but Aseth believed he had must face down, and kill, a mighty warrior in single combat. The Shadowlands creatures were no match for him, and Aseth heard the name of one that could awake the talisman and free his tortured form, Hida Kisada. [2]

Redeemed Edit

Aseth confronted Kisada and was supposed killed. [3] Other sources said the Aseth was welcomed home after his Third Shedding. [4] He eventually had cured from his curse through meditation and his fellow Asp welcomed him back into their community. He subsequently served with great distinction as a warrior, fighting alongside the Qamar himself as a Champion of the naga armies, one who specialized in dueling with (and defeating) the enemy's strongest warrior. [5] The Aseth championed the Qamar in any Test of the Blade. [6]

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