Asako Yasu

Asako Yasu

Asako Yasu was a shugenja and interrogator of the Phoenix Clan.

Questioner Edit

After spending many years with the Asako Henshin Yasu questioned the possibility that the Asako had acquired knowledge beyond their capacity to understand. He left the school to take the opportunity to ponder his thoughts, and after 50 years he had not yet reached a conclusion, so Yasu did not rejoin the Henshin. [1]

Friend of the Masters Edit

Once a friend of the Nameless One, formerly Isawa Ujina, Yasu was also close to his old friend's children, the Elemental Masters Isawa Kaede, Isawa Tadaka, and Isawa Tomo. [1]

Clan War Edit

During the Clan War Yasu feared the corruption of the Elemental Masters, and prayed that the Phoenix could rise from the ashes. [2] Yasu and the Master of Earth Isawa Tadaka left for the Ruins of Yanubei, an early stronghold of the Isawa, destroyed by Shadowlands creatures in the War Against Fu Leng. [3]

Tadaka no Oni Edit

After their return Yasu and Tadaka began a maho ritual to summon an Oni. Yasu was nearly exhausted, in a brisk to be overwhelmed by the demon's will, when his student Isawa Kaede joined them, breaking the oni's resistance. Tadaka bargained with the demon and gave him his name, creating Tadaka no Oni [3] in the Month of the Boar of 1127. [4]

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