Asako Tsuruko 
Asako Tsuruko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1166

Asako Tsukuro was a shugenja bloodspeaker of the Phoenix Clan.

Bloodspeaker Edit

Since her youth, Tsuruko had been associated with a group of like-minded individuals who shared her unique philosophies, seeking to restore that which had long been lost. She realized too late that her order was a cell of the Bloodspeakers. [1]

Infiltrating the Dragon Edit

When the Dragon-Phoenix War came to an end, she was ordered to infiltrate in the difficult Dragon Clan. Tsuruko did so, fitting well with the Dragon. They appointed a yojimbo, Mirumoto Kazunori to her. [1] She left behind her beloved Isawa Toshiji, a judge of the Phoenix. [2]

Shamesword Edit

Tsuruko one morning found a sword among her possession. It was the shamesword Fury. She could sense that there was something unique about it, and Tsuruko sought a way to understand its power, unleashing its power, and it consumed her. [1]

Assassinating Uso Edit

She infiltrated Shiro Mirumoto in 1161 and driven by Fury's murderous influence assassinated the Mirumoto Daimyo Mirumoto Uso, saying the blade was forged by a madman using the soul of a disgraced Dragon samurai. [1]

Spying the Dragon Edit

She resisted the urge for further violence several years, while giving the Bloodspeakers information on the Dragon Clan. In 1166 Tsuruko was overwhelmed again by the sword, and killed a Mirumoto Magistrate. Tsuruko regreted what she was and wrote down a letter to her yojimbo Kazunori, explaining her dark activities, expecting he could kill her before more deads were requested by the blade. [1]

Death Edit

Fury went to a shrine, Seiden Sanzo, to pray, and Kazunori followed her. The blade recognized a better host and seized the warrior, who was unable to resist it. He killed Tsuruko and a monk who was there. [1] [3]

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