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Asako Souta 
Born: Unknown 
Siblings: Asako Kouhei

Asako Souta was the Head ambassador of the Phoenix Clan in the Second City, [1] who had a niece, Asako Suzukaze. [2]

Colonies Edit

Souta nursed his brother Asako Kouhei, a former Inquisitor who was physically crippled. He swore to his brother he would journey to the Colonies and do whatever was possible to bring moral rectitude to the people there. Souta was appointed as Phoenix delegation head in the Second City, after his predecessor retired in response to what looked like it might have been Spider blackmail. In 1198 he learned his brother had been murdered. [1]

Dissension Edit

Souta's main rival within the Phoenix delegation was the elderly shugenja-ko Isawa Yuzuki, who demanded for more expeditions into the jungles of the Ivory Kingdoms. [1] Souta found in his advisor Agasha Fumato a calm, level-headed sounding board for his own thoughts, and it turned out they were both concerned about the spiritual ramifications of life in the Colonies. [3]

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