Asako Soun

Asako Soun

Asako Soun was an Inquisitor shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Hidden City Edit

He served Shiba Tsukimi in 1165 during the Siege of Gisei Toshi. [1] When the Tsukimi's forces arrive the City of Sacrifice, they saw the bloodspeakers had overrun the city's defenses. A tainted Akodo banner was in sight and Tsukimi decided to eliminate the Bloodspeaker officers. Soun summoned some sort of fog to conceal them until they drew close. [2] They faced the tainted Akodo general, Akodo Tadenori, and Soun fired a white lightning bolt that struck the general, who disappeared. The shugenja said that another spell intersected his, and it took Tadenori from the field. The battle ended when the City at was magically transported to another place, and the remnants of the samurai and Bloodspeaker armies retreating into the Mountains of the Phoenix. [3]

Unicorn Lands Edit

Soun was stationed in the Unicorn lands, a dismal post that he suspected was punishment for his temerity in appearing at the Battle of Gisei Toshi. The Isawa did not forgive the offenses of an Asako lightly, and the Forbidden City was supposed to be seen and known only by true Isawa. [4]

Blood Hunt Edit

When the Blood Hunt began in 1166, Soun was requested to came to the Badger lands. Isawa Jumon had revealed as a bloodspeaker when she succumbed to madness and murdered several Badger in court. Soun was at the ruins of Shiro Ichiro near another dead body, with several Ichiro guards. An avalanche of falling rocks covered the place where the corpse was, but Soun saved his life. Jumon had laid a trap for them, leaving the body where they would see it and descend to investigate. The shugenja used their magic, but finally Jumon escaped when Soun decided to deflect a Jumon's deathly spell against an Ichiro instead to kill the Maho-tsukai. [4]

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