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Asako Shinobu, known as Grandmother Shinobu, was a hannya impersonating an elderly silk weaver woman in the 12th century.

Monster Edit

Grandmother was a hannya who had taken on human form the better to choose victims from among the villagers. She lived at Blue Lotus Village undetected for years, always ready to flee if she suspected her cover could be exposed. [1]

Disguise Edit

She seemed well-disposed to young children, and was a teller of the village history. She became quite frightening once or twice, when she felt a magistrate or a newcomer was not perfectly respectful. She cover her rudeness that moments as the usual of an old age. [1]

Collecting victims Edit

She cooperated with an Asako bloodspeaker cell to kidnap peasant victims, primarily women, elderly widows and widowers, boys of ages ten to fourteen or so, and single travelers staying at the inn of Sign of the Wandering Monk. [2]


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