The Asako Script was a special method of cryptography developed by Asako to keep secret the knowledge relating to her family's researches into the Path of Man.

Development Edit

The healers who originally devloped the script were not shugenja, and so they had to make it non-magical in nature. As such, the script was based on advanced methods of calligraphy and an incredibly complex, multi-layered cipher. Asako and her companions took great pains to make the scrip indecipherable to any who did not know its secret. The goal had remained successful to this day. [1]

The Script Edit

The script itself was based on an incredibly complicated cipher. All documents written in the script must go through a series of several transcriptions before they could be read by those unafmiliar with the system. The cipher, in an effort to keep more common words from becoming apparent after too much use, possibly allowing the decryption of the script by an outsider, was changed every generation. As such, all the documents the Asako keep must be transcribed with every new cipher so that they would be readable to current and future Asako. [1]


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