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Asako Ryoma 
Asako Ryoma 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1159, Month of the Serpent [1]

Asako Ryoma was an Interrogator, Jade Magistrate [2] and shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Murderous Intent Edit

Ryoma was a fervent supporter of Toturi Sezaru, but when the Jade Champion Kuni Utagu declared that he would not support Sezaru, Ryoma believed that Sezaru would never become Emperor. One night, Ryoma snuck into Utagu's chambers and murdered the Jade Champion as he slept. Sezaru had no prior knowledge of his follower's plan. [3]

Winter Court Edit

Ryoma met Miya Gensaiken after the Winter Court, when the Pekkle no Oni was traveling beneath the banner of the Wolf. [4]

Meeting with the Oracle of Air Edit

In 1158 Ryoma, Sezaru and his yojimbo, Toturi Koshei met Oracle of Air at Sunset Tower getting the name of the creature that slew Toturi I, Fushin, the Onisu of Betrayal. Ryoma asked who had summoned the oni who slew Toturi, and they were given the name of Daigotsu. [5] Upon learning where to find the Oracle of Earth Sezaru left. [6]

Death Edit

In 1159 Sezaru and his attendants went to the Twilight Mountains to find the Oracle of Earth, Hiruma Osuno. Sezaru and Koshei entered the Oracle's home by themselves while Asako Ryoma and Miya Gcnsaiken waited outside. Gensaiken revealed himself to Ryoma as a Pekkle no Oni, moments before he murdered him with the help of the Onisu of Desire, Yokubo. [1] Sezaru himself only survived thanks to his yojimbo. [7] [2]

After Death Edit

Ryoma's spirit was sent to Toshigoku for his crimes. [3]

External Links Edit

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