Asako Risa was a bureaucrat of the Phoenix Clan.

Bureaucrat at Toshi Ranbo Edit

Risa was an excellent clerk and calligrapher of the judge Isawa Toshiji, stationed at Toshi Ranbo. In 1169 Toshiji assigned her to work with Yoritomo Heikichi, an aide to the Mantis courtier Yoritomo Yoyonagi. They were supposed to draw up a list of magistrates acceptable to both clans for the wharf districts of Toshi no Omoidoso. Heikichi despised Risa, seeing her as fussy, humorless, and authoritarian. Heikichi was having far too much amusement embarrassing Risa to do the job he was assigned. Both Yoyonagi and Toshiji wanted the matter concluded quickly, but stepping in would be admitting poor judgment on their parts. Heikichi used the situation to mock Risa between his friends. [1]

Crane cleaned the path Edit

Doji Ayano tasked the Kakita Duelist Kakita Hideo as Risa's yojimbo. Ayano's presence at negotioations turned Heikichi's attitude from uncooperative to friendly. He did not want to risk to be managed by Risa to trap him into a duel he could get killed, or even worse publicly humiliated. The list of magistrates was completed. To return the favor Toshiji aided Ayano to clear another blocked negotiation she had with a Scorpion courtier, Bayushi Gihei. [1]


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