Asako Raizaburo was the governor of the Ichidou District of Toshi Ranbo. He was a shugenja and dedicated follower of the Tao of Shinsei. [1]

Becoming Governor Edit

Raizaburo was appointed the governor of the Ichidou District in 1169, following the Khan Moto Chagatai's attack on the capital. The attack had resulted in, among many things, the death of the previous governor Seppun Tohaku. The Elemental Council chose Raizaburo, seemingly for his unquestionable piety. [1]

Struggles and Allies Edit

Initially he found his new role to be more than a little overwhelming, especially once the Phoenix Clan withdrew from Toshi Ranbo and the Lion Clan returned. Fortunately, he gained the help and assistance of a far more able man, Seppun Kiharu, the Master of Ten Thousand Temples and Seppun Daimyo. Kiharu was a man with many decades of experience in both religion and politics, and he knew Raizaburo was an honorable and well-intentioned man. He was also a good friend and ally to the Lion Clan, and his sponsorship far protected the Governor from any significant Lion pressure. [1]

Preceded by:
Seppun Tohaku
Ichidou Distric Governor
1169 - ?
Succeeded by:


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