Asako Ochiyo 
Asako Ochiyo 
Born: 1073 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Un-named brother

Asako Ochiyo was a blind shugenja and the Ochiyo district's governor of Otosan Uchi prior to the Scorpion Coup. [1]

Blind Edit

Ochiyo was devoted to the Temple of the Sun Goddess. It was said Ochiyo's sight was stolen when he saw the face of Amaterasu, and it was widely believed he had the Sun Goddess' direct favor. [1]

Demeanor Edit

Ochiyo was a good and wise leader, who offered his advice to the Imperial Court. His brother died in 1121 in an apparently random act of violence in the Unicorn lands. Ochiyo's demeanor changed, haunted by his brother's spirit, blaming Ochiyo for his death. Ochiyo sought aid without success and in 1123 he began a sculpture of the Sun Goddess hoping she would hear his plea to end the nightmarish visits. Ochiyo was recreating his vision of Amaterasu. [2]

Beloved "son" Edit

Asako Ochiyo with Takao

Ochiyo with his beloved Takao

Ochiyo had taken a boy named Takao as his assistant, an Acolyte of Fire who had a remarkable gift. He lent Takao his own scrolls, and appointed him as hatamoto. It angered Seppun Mojiki who coveted the position as the step previous to become governor after Ochiyo. [3]

Chiseling the Sun Statue Edit

Prior to the Scorpion Coup Ochiyo sequestered himself within a warehouse he acquired, secretely working on the statue. After the Coup, in his absence he was deposed, and Mojiki appointed as governor of the newly named Mojiki district, with Takao as his hatamoto. In 1124 Ochiyo emerged from his workshop, his masterpiete complete, which was placed in the Temple of the Sun Goddess. [4]

Fushihai Edit

The time he spent crafting the statue had elevated Ochiyo to Fushihai, so he was therefore considered to be one step along the Path of Man away from apotheosis - the point at which he would ascend to godhood and become a Minor Fortune. [4]

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