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Asako Nishi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Shiba Yuri

Asako Nishi was a diplomat of the Phoenix Clan.

Lost Love Edit

Nishi had been betrothed to a wonderful young woman, Shiba Moriko as part of a political arrangement. However, Nishi and his wife-to-be fell completely in love with one another at their first meeting, years after the betrothal had been arranged. Few months later, Moriko died in the battlefield. Her death shattered Nishi, who comforted himself with the idea that she would be reborn. [1]

Married Edit

After an appropriate amount of grieving time, he was promised to marry a cold woman, Shiba Yuri, relative of Miroko. Nishi tried to overcome his depression dedicating himself to the ideal of peace. He requested and gained an appointment at Kyuden Kurogane-Hana, where was located the Temple to Emma-O, the Fortune of Death. Nishi expected that those who had suffered loss would be more willing to hear the words of peace, but he had little success. [1]

Ally Edit

His yojimbo, the gentle samurai-ko Shiba Akiko, was an invaluable aid to Nishi in his duties. Unknown to him, Akiko had fallen in love with Nishi. [2]

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