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RPG Information Edit

Asako Moharu, Inquisitor

Statistics Edit

School/Rank Isawa Shugenja / 2
Honor 3.1
Status Unknown
Glory 2.5
Air 2 Earth 3 Fire 2 Water 4 Void 3
Reflexes 2 Stamina 3 Agility 2 Strength 4
Awareness 4 Willpower 3 Intelligence 3 Perception 4

Advantages Edit

Disadvantages Edit

Spells Edit

Sense, Commune, Summon, Path to Inner Peace, Reflections of Pan Ku, The Ties That Bind, Heart of Mortality, Reflective Pool, Perceive Harmony, Jade Strike, Hands of Jurojin, Whispering Winds.

Spells marked in italics were Innate abilities

Skills Edit

Calligraphy 2
Intimidation 3
Investigation 4
Knife 1
Law 3
Lore: Maho 5
Medicine 3
Meditation 3
Shintao 3
Theology 4

Major References Edit

  • Game Master's Guide; 2nd Edition, pages 213-214

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