Asako Moeru 
Asako Moeru 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1190, Month of the Goat [1]

Asako Moeru was a Void Shugenja, Inquisitor, magistrate, and an Ishiken of the Phoenix Clan.

Death Edit

Moeru was sent to investigate the Scorpion Wall defenses and wards at the behest of the Jade Champion. Somehow an assasin killed him there while his trusted yojimbo Shiba Jikaro was on another duty. The Scorpion staged an outbreak in the wall to cover it. All his entourage was killed by the Scorpion guards before oni were allowed to breach the wall. These events would lead in the War of the Twins. [1] Haruno no Oni [2] was blamed as their murderer, but Bayushi Nitoshi was the true killer of Moeru. The Scorpion Clan Champion did it for the joy to begin a war against the Phoenix Clan, which amused his sociopath demeanor. [1]

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