Asako Misako

Asako Misako

Asako Misako was a courtier of the Phoenix Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Asako Misako was a very skillful courtier of the Phoenix Clan that understood the ways of the Council of Masters and the ways of the Imperial Court like few do. Her times with the Shugenja had taught her to aid them in there efforts in defending the temples of the Empire and the Clan even if she chose to use to do so away from the battlefield. [citation needed]

Family Edit

Misako was cousin of Asako Kanta. [1]

Imperial Court Edit

A mysterious statuary appeared in the Imperial Court. It was clearly made by a Crab anonimous artisan. The piece of stone depicted despair and anger, joy and sorrow and even love. It raised the spirits of those who saw it in such dreadful time during the Destroyer War. [1]

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