Asako Matoya 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Asako Ryo 
Titles: Asako Daimyo

Asako Matoya was the Asako Daimyo during the Return of the Ki-Rin.

Glimpse of a Ki-Rin Edit

In 815 Matoya caught a glimpse of a Ki-Rin, but she discounted it as an act of her imagination. When later this year she knew of the Return of the Ki-Rin Matoya realized she had ignored the vision of the Ki-Rin heralding the return of the Clan that once bore her name. [1]

Death Edit

Out of shame she ordered the construction of the Ki-Rin's Shrine. The family's resources were depleted in trying to build the shrine, and Matoya fell fatally ill before it was completed. Her son Asako Ryo finished the shrine with the aid of a detachment of the Unicorn's Ide Emissaries. [1]

Preceded by:
Asako Daimyo
(c. 815)
Succeeded by:
Asako Ryo


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