Asako Masamichi 
Asako Masamichi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Un-named brother 
Children: Un-named son

Masamichi was a peasant who became a monk of the Order of the Golden Arm, and eventually was accepted in the Asako family of the Phoenix Clan as Asako Masamichi.

Monk Edit

When young Masamichi was a peasant who lived near Toshi no Omoidasu. One day near a ruined temple he was abused by a group of ronin, Masamichi resisted, and its leader drew his sword to kill him. Masamichi was saved by the timely arrival of the monk Bushiken, who confronted the group with no weapons but a chunk of rubble, the gleaming brass arm of Bishamon. The ronin leader was soundly defeated by the monk, and his men fled, leaving him unconscious. Two weeks later, Masamichi, his father, his brother, his son, and two friends, appeared in front of the monk to join him as members of the Order of the Golden Arm. [1]

Asako family Edit

In 1170 the Asako selected Asako Bushiken as their leader, and his first act was to grant fealty to Masamichi and any other Golden Arm monk. [2]

Kukan-Do Edit

Masamichi was the greatest master of Kukan-Do alive, and one of the greatest master to ever live. [3]

External Links Edit


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